Hi, I'm Emilie (she/her).
I believe that well-connected relationship is the foundation of making positive change in our world and the root of leading by example.
Have you lived through a challenge in your past that now motivates you to help and inspire other people?
I offer body/mind and practical strategies to support authentic, creative, confident connection between you and yourself, your purpose, and other people.
I started mind/body/spirit work for myself to navigate the impact of trauma that made me feel uncomfortable in my body and question myself, my reality, and my goodness. I also had chronic anxiety, body pain, low self esteem, self-doubt & feeling powerless.
As I began to explore embodied approaches to learning, healing, and creating change, I was delightfully surprised to discover that creativity is a necessary part of healing, and that when we heal we are often inspired to offer our knowledge and leadership to others.
Your story is a gift. Your embodied presence is everything.

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Connect with your experience, clarify your vision, and facilitate change.

Use movement, somatic awareness, conversation, and energy work to soften and integrate what feels restricted and strengthen what wants to grow.

90 minutes in-person or virtual

Sliding scale $90 - $250


Creatively cultivate authentic connection; Lead and inspire by example.  

One month together:
-A close relationship
-Five formal 60min meetings and communication in between
-A personalized movement flow video to incorporate into your practice
-Invitations to private client group meetings
Sliding scale $625 - $1,125
Four months together:
-A close relationship
-Twelve formal 60min meetings and communication in between
-A personalized movement flow video to incorporate into your practice
-An intuitive reading & energy work
-Invitations to private client group meetings
-Lifetime access to a digital library of all private client group meetings
Sliding scale $2,500 - $4,500

Once you submit an application with information about you and what you're seeking, you'll schedule a conversation with Emilie to see if working together is the right fit. 


Pilates-based movement classes that offer connection from the inside out with nervous system support, foundational strength, endurance, and flexibility conditioning. 

  • Online mat movement monthly membership
  • In-studio equipment sessions 

"Refreshing."  "So helpful."  "Thank you."



"I am so thankful to have met Emilie and to have her walking alongside me as I learn and practice skills to become the best version of myself. She has helped me to develop a trusting relationship with my body and my soul. She is kind, and real, and funny. Her intuition is on point. She always seems to know just where to go next. Working with her has helped me to calm my nervous system. I am learning how to listen to my body and live my life in a way that feels most aligned to my soul's purpose. For me, she has absolutley been a breath of fresh air, the perfect balance of Yin and Yang, Feelings and Actions, Science and Soul. I highly recommend working with her if you're into that sort of thing. That sort of thing being feeling like you are authentically YOU in your body and in your life"

1:1 coaching client

"It had a very different feel than being in a counselor’s office. For me, I think the fact that Emilie RELATED to me, expressed personal understanding for my current methods, strategies, hangups and disconnected patterns - that made her a real person to me with knowledge of being in my shoes and answers on how to get out. I saw/see her as hope. Our stories are different, but a lot of the lessons are the same so she holds information on how to get to this elusive place of authenticity and break old habits/patterns. She holds wisdom about the mind+body+soul connection that is necessary in this healing journey. She offers techniques to incorporate them into the journey. This is a BIG piece I’ve been missing."

1:1 coaching client

"My work with Emilie was incredibly enlightening and practical. She helped me to understand something that I'd been unconsciously bracing against regarding my work. This shift allowed me to surrender and let my gifts flow more naturally. "

Intuitive Healing Session Review

"I honestly have never had someone hold space, validate my feelings, and show up so authentically for me before."

Intuitive Healing Session Review

"Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with me. A lot of the things you bring up are things that I am aware of but as you hold them up in this new light I can see them in a positive and helpful way. Your description is positive and helpful even as you are describing things that have caused me discomfort and disappointment. I'm excited to see where following these ideas takes me Thank you again for sharing what you have to offer; I really appreciate it."

Intuitive Healing Session Review

"Emilie's session was eye-opening and transformative in so many ways. She has a special ability to see you - and intuitively know what message you need to hear. I was feeling conflicted about a decision, and was seeking greater clarity. After her session, I felt a surge of lightness, ease, and confidence in the direction I knew I wanted to head. In a sense, she helped me return home to myself and remind me that I had the answer I was seeking. Emilie helped me through her calming, supportive presence and in knowing what steps to take next to make my decision. I am forever grateful and would highly recommend Emilie in all of the services she offers, but especially her intuitive sessions!"

Intuitive Healing Session Review

""I wasn’t sure what to expect as this was my first time taking a MoveThrough class. Even after arriving late, I was cheerfully greeted with a warm welcome and a beautiful smile! Emilie is a breath of fresh air and I really connected to her messages and guidance. Looking forward to more rejuvenating classes like this!""

MoveThrough participant

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