Nailing the Balance Between Play and Responsibility

Emilie Hoffman, mind/body guide

I have at many points in my life not looked forward to my weekend because I couldn't find a balance between play and responsibility. 

1. I would be pulled in so many directions with obligations, over-scheduling, and crossed boundaries all week that I had to do all of my personal responsibility self-care stuff all weekend and didn't have time or energy for play. 

2. I totally ignored my personal responsibility self-care stuff and did a bunch of random whatever "fun" things, but it never felt that fun and didn't recharge me because the whole time my personal responsibilities were nagging me from the back of my mind. 

Does this sound at all familiar, and if so, have you been telling yourself that it's happening because you're bad at organizing, you're too easily overwhelmed, or you just suck at doing life?

Well, here are some other possibilities to consider:

You're conflating responsibility and commitment with...

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