The Mayapple Project is inspired by life in northern Appalachia,

made for people who need strength + flexibility in body + mind. 

yoga + Pilates + philosophy

dedicated to a vibrant life connected to the body, place, and community

created by Emilie + Maggie who were raised in the mountains of rural PA

with special consideration for the everyday needs and desires of country folk

the Mayapple Library

MAYAPPLE QUESTIONNAIRE   We hope that everyone will fill this out so that we can put material on the site that is actually relevant to you!

MAGGIE & EMILIE TALK ABOUT THEIR PRACTICES AND CLASS THEMES    An honest word from both of us about how movement and body-centered connection helps us through our real lives, plus the ways different types of classes have helped lots of people feel and function better.

QUICK MOVES   A collection of short videos under five minutes. Quickly learn basic concepts for mind/body/spirit and movement support and see everyday applications.

MOVEMENT FOR THE MONTH   This is the movement class library and each week a new set of four 20-30-minute classes is added. At the end of the month what you see here goes into an archive folder on this same page and the next month begins anew.

PERINATAL MOVEMENT   A special collection of videos and classes that are helpful for bodies that are experiencing or have experienced pregnancy, birth, care for babies and young ones.

BONUS MATERIAL  This is the most flexible category. It's on-topic stuff that relates to having a great relationship with yourself, your environment, and your community.....but it can come in any form as long as it's something Maggie and Emilie are knowledgable about or have a great resource for. 

Other ways to connect with us and work with us. 

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Ithaca, NY

"I felt connected to both of your warm and kind energies. I really appreciate the gentle and inclusive vibe of the site in general...good job helping folks feel welcome, and meeting them where they are, no matter where that is." 

Towanda, PA

"I'm a person that likes to pick and choose different things at different times.  I like the way that there are multiple options from both of you to try...I think that it is a worthy project and I support the effort."

Wellsboro, PA

"Love the general idea of short videos, being a mom as well sometimes I only get a few minutes to work on myself (if that!).

I love the idea of the project. As a PT I'm always looking for resources to send my patients with information I know I can trust."